Monroe Daly

Dean of Arts and Sciences, IDEA University

Impressions of Administrators

Results from this survey will be used to assist in appraising professional performance and to suggest how performance could be improved. Either purpose will be best served if you reflect on the administrator’s overall performance and provide a fair and honest representation of the administrator. Therefore, your responses should identify both strengths and weaknesses.

To encourage your honesty and objectivity, you are asked not to identify yourself. Results of the survey will be summarized for all respondents, but not for individuals. Do realize, however, that your responses to open-ended questions will be provided verbatim to the administrator. Please avoid any comments that might reveal your identity. Adhere to a high level of professionalism and refrain from using inappropriate or threatening comments that could result in legal action that would compel IDEA to break confidentiality.

Please take a moment to read IDEA’s Statement of Confidentiality.

Completing this survey takes approximately 20 minutes, so please allow sufficient time to provide thoughtful, fair, and honest responses.

Part I. The Administrative Roles

The list below describes roles that administrators perform. Please rate the administrator on each of the roles by selecting the number that best represents your judgment of how well he/she performed over the past year as an administrator. Select the number which best corresponds to your judgment, using the scale below. Select "Cannot Judge" (CJ) if you have little or no basis for making a rating.

Response Options

  • 1 = Definite Weakness
  • 2 = More a Weakness than a Strength
  • 3 = In Between
  • 4 = More a Strength than a Weakness
  • 5 = Definite Strength
  • CJ = Cannot Judge

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Part II. The Administrator's Personal Characteristics

This section includes 15 pairs of adjectives describing the administrator's personal characteristics that have been recognized as important to performance. One adjective is anchored with a "1" and the other with a "7." For each pair, select the number that best describes the administrator along the continuum. If each of the adjectives is equally descriptive, select the middle score (4). Select "Cannot Judge" (CJ) if you have little or no basis for making a decision.

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Part III. Overall Impressions

Please select your response to the following questions.

Response Options

  • 1 = Strongly Disagree
  • 2 = Disagree
  • 3 = In Between
  • 4 = Agree
  • 5 = Strongly Agree
  • CJ = Cannot Judge

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Part IV. Open-ended Comments

Responses to open-ended questions are provided verbatim to the administrator. You should, therefore, avoid comments that could reveal your identity.

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