Feedback Systems

IDEA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide analytics, resources, and advice to improve student learning in higher education. IDEA supports the evaluation and development of both programs and people. Extensive data collection, research, and feedback from our clients have resulted in continuous enhancement of our services. The emphasis of IDEA always remains on improving teaching, learning, and the higher education process, while remaining true to our Core Values of Integrity, Quality, Collaboration, Service, and Knowledge.

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Feedback System for Administrators

The Feedback System for Administrators solicits input on 10 pivotal administrative roles and gathers impressions on leadership styles and personal characteristics, job performance, and ratings of confidence in future leadership, while also identifying areas for improvement as observed by core constituents.

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Feedback System for Chairs

The Feedback System for Chairs is the only nationally available department chair assessment tool that provides feedback and analysis, as well as a customized plan for professional development, based on priorities determined by the chair.

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Student Ratings of Instruction

The Student Ratings of Instruction system focuses on student learning of 12 general objectives, factors out extraneous circumstances, and is administered online. IDEA tailors each report to fit the instructor's selected learning objectives and offers recommendations and resources for improvement based on research. Data can be aggregated for program assessment and accreditation.

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