360° Leadership Analytics Assessment for Administrators Report

Daly, Monroe

Dean, Arts and Sciences at IDEA University

Report Overview and Respondent Information

This report summarizes results from feedback provided through the 360° Leadership Analytics Assessment for Administrators survey. Insight into your strengths and possible areas for improvement can guide your leadership development. The value of the feedback will be greatly enhanced if you set aside specific time for careful review and reflection and, if possible, have follow-up conversations with a trusted colleague.

Up to 4 subgroups of respondents may be included in this report. The Respondent Information table provides important information regarding survey participation. Throughout this report you will have the ability to drill down to review how each subgroup responded to the survey items when such subgroups are included.

The Overall Effectiveness Tab provides a quick snapshot of your overall effectiveness based on respondents' answers to two questions: whether you have provided excellent leadership in the past and whether respondents have confidence in your ability to provide excellent leadership in the future. The next two tabs highlight your areas of strength related to administrative roles, leadership style, and personal and leadership characteristics, as well as comparison with your self-ratings.

The report concludes with an executive summary of your strengths as well as areas to consider for additional development. Lastly, you will find raw survey data in the Statistical Details tab. Typed verbatim responses to open-ended questions are provided in a separate file.

Respondent Information
Number asked to participate: 58
Number responding: 8
Response rate (%): 13
SubgroupNumber responding
Your staff 1
Adjuncts 7